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Check out some of the travel articles Legendary Coasts has supported:

Admiral's Coast


Baccalieu Coastal Drive


Cape Shore


Discovery Trail


Heritage Run


Irish Loop


Osprey Trail


Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

Travel Media & Influencers

LCEN has a significant role in enticing travel writers and content producers to feature Eastern Newfoundland, and to develop exciting and inspirational stories about our destination and its tourism operators.


We are involved from the beginning stages: meeting writers and producers, pitching stories, vetting their ideas against our goals as a destination. We play a significant role in providing support for travel writers and influencers: planning and booking itineraries that meet their editorial goals, providing on-the-ground escorting and guidance as needed, working as an intermediary between writer and tourism stakeholder, sourcing photographs and videos that will support the content, and much more.


A major component of the media program is providing familiarization (fam) tours – getting these qualified writers into the province to experience the stories firsthand.


The ultimate goal of the media program is to help promote our destination in our key markets. With our partners, we have specific things we want to accomplish within this larger goal:


  • Working with Destination Canada, we want Eastern Newfoundland to be part of the conversation of Canada as a destination within their key and emerging markets.

  • Working with the province, we want Eastern Newfoundland to feature prominently in media targeted at key demographics in Canada, US, UK and Germany.

  • Finally, for our members, we want their businesses, stories, and people to form the core of the narratives that inspire visitors to choose Eastern Newfoundland. 


Through our partnership with Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, the French islands play a role throughout this process. It is a fantastic partnership, with both destinations bringing unique qualities that help raise the cache of both. Saint Pierre and Miquelon provide an incredibly interesting travel story – the last French territory in North America – that dovetails wonderfully with Newfoundland and Labrador as Canada’s last province. Two unique cultures, happily co-existing on the edge of a continent has all the potential that the best travel writers are seeking.


For more information, reach out to Andrew!


Andrew Hiscock

Manager, Leisure Travel & Media Relations

(709) 725 1687

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