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Travel trade professionals and travel writers visiting on a Post-Rendezvous Canada familiarization tour of Bonavista Peninsula and Central Newfoundland. Delegates were from UK, France, Germany, and Australia. 

Familiarization (FAM) Tours

A "FAM tour" is short for "familiarization tour". It is a trip or visit arranged for travel industry professionals, such as travel agents or tour operators, to familiarize themselves with a particular destination or tourist attraction, in order to better sell it to their clients. FAM tours usually involve visits to hotels, restaurants, attractions, and other tourism-related businesses, and often include educational and promotional activities.

In partnership with Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism,  Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland often supports FAM tours by:

  • Coordinating and hosting the tour: We assist with the logistics of the tour, such as securing accommodations, transportation, and tour guides.

  • Providing destination information and insights: We share information about the destination, including its history, culture, attractions, and local events, to help travel professionals better understand our region and sell it to their clients.

  • Offering incentives and special deals: We may offer special deals and discounts to travel professionals who participate in FAM tours, as an incentive for them to promote our destination to their clients.

  • Building relationships with travel industry professionals: FAM tours give us an opportunity to build relationships with travel industry professionals, establish partnerships, and gather feedback about our destination.

By providing support for FAM tours, LCEN aims to increase the visibility of eastern Newfoundland and attract more visitors, ultimately contributing to the growth of our local tourism industry.

For more information, please contact Andrew Hiscock, Manager of Leisure Travel and Media Relations or Danielle Ambs, Manager of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon Partnership.

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