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Heritage Run

Encompassing the entire Burin Peninsula, the Heritage Run heads south from the Trans Canada Highway at Goobies. Past the hills overlooking Swift Current, this route will take you past fertile woodlands, stark barrens, and dramatic coastal scenery. Boasting stories from the world famous Grand Banks including that of shipwrecks and heroics, and breathtaking hiking trails, a trip to the Heritage Run should be well planned to allow for an extended stay; you wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to visit two counties in the one trip! The French islands of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon rest a short ferry away from the gateway of Fortune. Although this land can be seen from the shores of Newfoundland, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon is a world away in old Europe where an entirely different language and culture has been perfectly preserved.

Our Heritage Run Members

Abbie's Garden B&B

Dolly's Place

Grand Bank Regional Theatre

Kelli’s Restaurant

Burin Eco Tours

Fortune Head Geology Centre

Heritage Run Tourism Association

Kilmory Resort

C&S Central

Grand Bank Development Corporation

Hotel Fortune

Marystown Hotel and Convention Centre

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