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Newfoundland and Labrador -
A Global Geotourism Destination

In 2014, an in-depth tourism destination visitor appeal assessment was conducted in our region and geology/geotourism was identified as an untapped tourism motivator. Since that time, we have worked with geology related tourism organisations, operators, and industry stakeholders with the goal of creating a geotourism vacation destination. That effort led to a major provincial-wide marketing project which provided tourism based operators and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation’s marketing team with a communications toolbox which could be used to promote Newfoundland and Labrador’s spectacular geology among travellers. 

Beneath Your Feet is a 8-part series of short videos featuring geology hotspots across the province. Hosted on its own website,, displayed on all of the provincial tourism’s social media channels, and on select Air Canada flights, the filming of this series provided a platform for the geology of this province to take centre stage.


With the expertise of Dr Jack Matthews, viewers were invited to follow along a geological journey through deep time and learn about how this province was formed and the fossilized evidence that was left behind. This project also produced a wide selection of still photography that has been made available to all tourism based operators to use in promotion of their businesses, free of charge.

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