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Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

Here in Eastern NL, we are lucky to have a piece of France just off our shores!

Just 20 kilometers from the southern coast of Newfoundland, you’ll find a French archipelago made up of several islands: Saint-Pierre (population 5,500), Miquelon-Langlade (population: 600), l’Île aux Marins, and several other small uninhabited islands. Shaped by wind and sea, this is a place of rugged natural beauty and lively culture, where horses, whales, seals, and birds live in harmony with the landscape and its people.



On the island of Saint-Pierre, you’ll find museums, restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, boutiques, wine merchants, and more. This is a small, friendly town where colourful houses and European cars line the streets - the perfect place to discover the region’s unique culture or partake in “le verre de l’amitié" (a friendly drink) with welcoming locals. Nearby Île au Marins, where time seems to have stopped a century ago, provides a tranquil contrast to the lively streets of Saint-Pierre and allows you to step back in time with a visit to the original settlement.


Miquelon and Langlade, the archipelago’s other major islands, are connected by a 12 km long sand isthmus called “The Dune,” which has been the scene of many shipwrecks and now plays host to an annual music festival. Since the nineteenth century, these islands have become the agricultural and natural centre of the archipelago, as well as an important region for coastal fishing. From fresh scallops and lobster to duck and goose foie gras, the farm-to-table options on Miquelon-Langlade are varied and abundant. This region is also a nature lover’s paradise: endless vistas studded with ponds, beaches, and hills are home to a wide variety of plant and animal life. Get lost in the scenery and find total peace as the sounds of the wind and ocean transport you to a simpler time.


Saint-Pierre et Miquelon Partnership

SPM team.jpeg

Legendary Coasts is proud to work in partnership with the French islands of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon – our wonderful friends and neighbours to the south. 

Picture (L-R): Malika Halili, Kathi Stacey, Danielle Ambs, Vanina Merkle, Beatrice Lescoublet.

Since 2017, we’ve worked as official partners to achieve our goals of:

  • Increasing tourism visitation to both Saint-Pierre et Miquelon and Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Developing and promoting a combined tourist destination with Legendary Coasts of Eastern NL and Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, based on the brands of both partners, the needs of the visitor and their shared history and unique cultural experiences

  • Establishing collaborative partnerships and linkages with NL and SPM in the alignment of products and experiences, specifically those in Eastern NL

  • Increasing and enhancing quality visitor experiences in both LCEN and SPM

Through marketing, product development, market readiness, industry networking, and skills development, Legendary Coasts and Tourism Saint-Pierre et Miquelon have built a strong foundation for our region. Along with integrating SPM into all of our provincial and regional marketing activities, travel media / travel trade programs and tourism events, some of our proudest accomplishments to date include:

  • A three-day tourism forum/conference held on the Burin Peninsula and attended by 80+ tourism professionals from NL and SPM.

  • A four-day best practice mission to the Bonavista Peninsula for a group of SPM and Burin Peninsula tourism professionals.

  • The first-ever France/Canada craft beer collaboration brewed by Port Rexton Brewing Company (Port Rexton) and La Brasserie Artisanale de l’Anse (Miquelon). A launch event was held in December 2019 in St. John’s and was attended by Premier Dwight Ball, President Stéphane Lenormand, and several other government representatives from both regions, along with tourism and hospitality industry professionals and local media.

  • At the 2020 Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador conference gala, Tourism Saint-Pierre was awarded the “Corporate Partner of the Year” award, demonstrating the success and strength of our work together.

If you would like to learn more about the partnership or if you have an interest in getting involved, please contact our Saint-Pierre et Miquelon Partnership Manager, Danielle Ambs.


If you’d like to learn more about planning a visit to Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, please visit SPM Tourisme.

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