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Baccalieu Coastal Drive - Artisan Trail NL Initiative

As a part of the destination development planning on the Baccalieu Coastal Drive, in partnership with the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation (TCAR) and Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland (LCEN), Craft & Art was identified as a priority for the region. Through further consultation with operators in the region, the concept of an Artisan Trail has been recommended.


The Artisan Trail NL is a marketing strategy, built on the strong foundation of art and craft in this region. By connecting artisans and makers, we will be making a clear path to purchase for travellers coming to this province. 

The Artisan Trail will be a great way to showcase your work and connect with potential customers who appreciate the value of high quality, handmade goods. By joining the trail, you will be featured on a website and a printed map that will be distributed to visitor information centres, local businesses, tourist destinations, and event organizers.


We believe that the Artisan Trail is a unique and valuable platform for artisans to share their work and connect with others in the community. By joining this initiative, you will be part of a vibrant and growing network of talented artisans who are passionate about their craft.


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2023 Trade & Media Show Schedule

*Subject to change

International Media Marketplace

January 25 - 26, New York

Travel Media


New York Travel & Adventure Show

January 28 - 29, New York

Consumer Travel


Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show

February 24 - 26, Toronto

Consumer Travel


Calgary Outdoor Adventure Show

March 18 - 19, Calgary

Consumer Travel


Montreal Outdoor Adventure Show

March 25 - 26, Montreal

Consumer Travel

Ottawa Travel & Vacation Show

April 1 - 2, Ottawa

Consumer Travel


Rendez-vous Canada

May 30 - June 2, Quebec City

Travel Trade


Travel Media Association of Canada

June 14 - 18, Sudbury

Travel Media


Atlantic Canada Showcase

October 3 - 5, Charlottetown

Travel Trade


Montreal International Tourism & Travel Show

November 3 - 5, Montreal

Consumer Travel

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