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Join nature-lover, forager and Certified Forest Bathing Guide, Tina White, on a guided nature adventure! Learn about our bounty of wild edible food on a tasty foraging walk, or soak up the magic of our boreal forest on a Guided Forest Bathing Walk!

Gathering or foraging for food has become a trendy new pastime--it is also one of the oldest and primal relationships between us and the natural world, and a great way to connect with nature. Wild food is often a more healthy and nutritious alternative and can be much richer in essential vitamins and minerals.

Join me on an edible nature adventure! We’ll take a scenic coastal walk, meet edible and medicinal plants, cover best practices, edible/medicinal uses, identification, harvesting and preparation tips. We'll end with a scrumptious tasting on the beach where we’ll sample several of the plants we meet. Our menu will include a wild soup, homemade ice cream, fruit leather, pickles and more!

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