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Food Culture Place

Here is your chance to dive deep into food, culture and place on the island of Newfoundland.

Food Culture Place connects travelers with Newfoundland and Labrador’s storied food culture through Cultural Food Residencies. These 3 or 6 day residencies create the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of a place through the land and sea. Join us to experience culture through all of your senses and discover the food ways and traditions of this place. The food culture here is born of necessity and ingenuity, it is centuries old. Guests will learn seashore foraging, game butchery, wild game cookery, and other skills that have been honed over generations by the people of the island.

Your host, Lori McCarthy is bound to the land and what it offers. She treasures the traditions while making them relevant today, and respectfully harvests to sustain for the future.

We welcome you to our community and our way of life.

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