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Irish Loop

The Irish Loop driving route heads south from St. John’s, hugging a coastline called the Southern Shore. It meanders through stunning communities, along sheer cliffs, and across rolling green hills. A significant number of Irish immigrants originally colonized this area, and the Irish brogue is still evident in many of the local versions of the Newfoundland dialect. Find residents who speak as though they just left Counties Wexford and Waterford; their family names strong as ever in these places too. However, the cultural history here is new in relation to the natural history which is 565 million years in the making - the Irish Loop is home to fossils dating back to the dawn of complex life on Earth. See this yourself at the Mistaken Point, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trend of the unique continues on the Irish Loop with this route being home to the world's southernmost caribou herd and one of the most important puffin colonies.

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